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Net Neutrality (EU edition)

Network neutrality in Europe is under threat. Not in some vague possible future; right now. In one week, on Tuesday the fifth of May, the European Parliament will vote on the second reading of the Telecoms Package and amendments. I … Continue reading

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Constant objects for fun and non-profit

The @"foo" operator for constant NSString objects in Objective-C is extremely convenient. Indeed, if it wasn’t there, programming with Cocoa would be a royal pain. Many of us have at various points wished there was equivalent syntax for NSNumbers, and … Continue reading

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Fun with the Objective-C Runtime

Ever since Leopard came out, I’ve wanted to do something useful with resolveInstanceMethod:. The opportunity has yet to present itself. However, I have done a couple of really silly things with it, which have until now languished in obscurity in … Continue reading

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Migratory Code

Of the two people I know of who have tried to get at some of my code releases in the past year, a full 50 % have given up and written a new implementation from scratch because downloading and opening a … Continue reading

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Recently on the Twitterwebs, Peter Hosey asked for a library that takes a character and returns the corresponding virtual key code (implicitly, in the U.S. keyboard layout). The intention was to use it to specify default key bindings when binding … Continue reading

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The Ubiquitous Wiretapping Bill

This is not about programming. It’s about something that actually matters. There’s been a little media coverage recently about a Swedish law that’s been in the works for a while. (The Register, Slashdot on The Register, The Local Edit: and … Continue reading

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Hacking your Log Messages

More nasty code inspired by IRC conversations, but this time aimed at the iPhone SDK – although it will work on Mac OS X as well, and on WebObjects 4 for Windows NT, and probably on at least some flavours of NextStep. Simply drop this … Continue reading

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Property List Extractors

Continuing a theme of tearing out useful bits of functionality from Oolite, and inspired by recent Twitter exchanges with Craig Hockenberry and Rainer Brockerhoff, here’s some really boring code for you all – gruntwork that you don’t want to repeat, … Continue reading

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Hacking your Crash Reports

In a conversation on #macdev, it was pointed out that the Crash Reporter has an “Application Specific Information:” line when certain Apple apps crash. This obviously warranted investigation, and through the powers of Google it was determined that said investigation … Continue reading

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The Mysteries of iCal, Revealed!

Note: As of Snow Leopard, this functionality has been superseded by an official Dock tile plug-in mechanism. One of the minor yet shiny new features of Mac OS X 10.5 is that iCal’s dock icon now shows the correct date … Continue reading

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