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Property List Extractors

Continuing a theme of tearing out useful bits of functionality from Oolite, and inspired by recent Twitter exchanges with Craig Hockenberry and Rainer Brockerhoff, here’s some really boring code for you all – gruntwork that you don’t want to repeat, … Continue reading

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Priority Queue

The Foundation framework: it has some collections. It doesn’t have others. In particular, it doesn’t have a priority queue, which I need. CoreFoundation does, but this is for Oolite so it needs to work with GNUstep. Yes, I could bring … Continue reading

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GLSL uniform bindings for Cocoa

Executive summary: This article demonstrates the use of Objective-C’s dynamic object model and the Foundation framework to extract attributes from objects using information not available at compile time. This is done on the context of implementing OpenGL Shader Language support … Continue reading

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